El Hijo De Blanco Grande

Lucadore Leader of Los Tiburons.


High Concept: Rising Gang Leader: The founder of Los Tiburons, Blanco Grande, handed off leadership of the gang to one of his lieutenants as age begin to catch up with him. From there he disappeared into the desert and wasn’t heard of again. The Lieutenant took Blanco Grande’s mask and the name El Hijo De Blanco Grande.

Troubles: Division in the Ranks: Blanco Grande’s timing was unfortunate as shortly after he took power the Crusaders descended upon Noreste Sector and decimated the gang’s ranks and took 2/3rd’s of Los Tiburon’s territory, leaving them only with the small, but highly defensible Sector Norte. Still this failing and his methods have several gangers disgruntled and a few factions forming within the ranks.

Technico: While the original Blanco Grande was an Orc that was heavily into body building, Hijo de Blanco Grande is a rather slight elf, but this is not to be underestimated ask with mana fueling his combat techniques, he’s every bit the Luchadore his predecessor was. Rumor has it the original Blanco Grande selected his successor via Lucha Libre match.

Cash to Kick Ass: Rather than his predecessor’s old school rumble tactics, the new Blanco Grande has a burgeoning business empire, with him rumored to be using it to build up the gang once anew, starting by focusing on making Norte Sector a veritable fortress, allowing him time to rebuild.


El Hijo De Blanco Grande

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