Ingo Cross

Leader of the Southside Halloweeners



High Concept: Dwarven Pirate of the Dune Sea: Ingo, mostly known from his customized bike and flaming Jack-O-Lantern helmet makes most his profit raiding the caravans. A master of attacking in the desert.

Trouble: Surrounded by enemies: While he holds the single largest sector, Noroeste, this is more of a bane than a boon due to his habit of raiding the territories of every other gang and nailing any other lucrative target he might get his hands on.

Loud Fast, Dangerous: This is how Ingo lives his life. He mostly maintains a handle on the gang by being bold and his generous loot divisions. He has uncanny luck, often returning from missions he went on knowing they were so dangerous they were likely to kill his rivals.


Ingo Cross

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