Ingrid Strahl

Ex-Saeder-Krupp Security Officer. Leader of the Crusaders



High Concept: Teutonic Totalitarian. Ingrid rules her territory with a pair of iron fists. Her word is law and her indomitable will is the sector’s order.

Troubles: The Flesh is Weak. Ingrid was at some point a mage, under the auspice of the spirit of the Dragonslayer. Her indomitable will was highly attractive to the Dragonslayer, but for her another being having that much domain over her was an unbearable curse. Being wounded in combat and needing a cybernetic replacement led the the discovery that such augmentations weakened her link to magic and as such the Dragonslayer’s domain over her. This kicked off a major addiction to augmentation. She is what one would consider a borderline cyberzombie at this point and abhors all weakness perceived or imagined.

A Lifetime of Battle: Despite her youthful appearance, she’s pushing forty, or at least the bits of her that are still meat are. She’s been a constant on the corporate battlefield for the better part of 20 of those years.

Master of Noreste Sector: Ingrid and her Crusaders crushed the contingent of Los Tiburons that formerly held Noreste Sector in just short of 4 days of constant combat. Blanco Grande was forced to order his gangers to fall back to the Norte Sector to avoid suffering more losses and put the entire gang at risks from attack from the other gangs. Since then she’s ruled the immensely profitable sector nearest the Bazaar. Many suspect Aztechnology aided her in the coup and Lonestar did not intervene despite the heaviest fighting since the last corporate war.

Not to be Fucked With: The Crusaders, despite being small in number are all hardened soldiers from the Corporate Wars who followed her from their contracts. She and all of her Crusaders have top notch combat augs and skillsofts and recruits that prove themselves also see themselves augmented to lesser degrees. All of this turns her and her gang into a lethal fighting force..


Ingrid Strahl

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